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A Dream of Lions

I was in a big yard and I was getting five people ready to shamanic journey. I had just told the participants that a yoga mat would work just fine to lay on. Then I went outside and saw two female Lions in the yard, a man drove up in a truck and had two male Lions in the back of his truck. I noticed he had them on leashes but then let them run around free in the yard. I had no fear of them and really enjoyed watching them run back and forth. I remember being able see the muscles of the lion’s bodies, their color and the dance they seemed to be performing. I was really impressed with their regal stature. They were so beautiful. Lion as Totem: The Lion is the symbol of the sun and of gold. In the cards that I use to do readings, the sun represents Self-empowerment. In ancient times, medieval alchemists associated the Lion with Sulfur, the element with the atomic number sixteen. This number is equated to seven and in numerology means the seeker of the truth. One who has a c