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A Dream within a Dream

A Dream within a Dream It began in a beautiful garden filled with fragrant flowers. There were roses of every kind, and many other flowers in brilliant hues of color. Everything was so thoughtfully placed as if by divine countenance. There in the garden, I met my wife, she took my hand and we walked amongst this beautiful creation. We strolled through a set of open French doors into a grand room of an old fashioned mansion. I wandered around the room while my wife placed beautiful blankets over the antique sofas. Suddenly there in an open doorway stood my late father. He looked just as I remember him from childhood, medium brown hair and very strong and tall. He had a gleam in his eyes and he was smiling. He was dressed in Khaki pants and matching shirt. I spoke to him, a gentle conversation followed and finally I asked him if he had seen my mother. “Where is she Son?” he asked. I told him “She’s in the kitchen making some tea.” I went upstairs to a bedroom where there was a Japanese