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November 2010 Newsletter

Tan 'si Hello We're currently in the Freeze Up Moon and time of the Western Spirit Keeper Mudgekeewis, and the Grizzly Bear the pumpkins are ripe, Halloween is almost here and all the fall colors are dazzling us with their beauty! In the meantime, I have a few autumn topics I wanted to share to you. 1) Musical Endeavors 2) 1 day Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology Saturday November 27th 10 am - 5 pm #2 Lifestyles Center, Agassiz, BC Above Black Sea Organics 3) December 3, 2010 Readings in Gibsons, BC 4) Private Healing and Past Life journey sessions 1) Musically speaking I'm currently working on re-releasing the albums Red Road and Hand Painted Sky with the new album Dreaming Tree in the works. I will be making a new album with Pianist/Keyboardist Composer Paul Armitage hoping to have it ready for Spring 2011. Still playing my flutes and drums I will be getting a new flute or two this fall so I'm looking forward to that! I will have a new Music website and my albums wil