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12:12 Pre Solstice Shamanic Journey December 12, 2010

12:12 Pre Solstice Shamanic Journey We will gather at Yoga by the Sea just 9 days before Winter Solstice 2010. It has been quite a year as we have all felt many shifts around the planet. 2010 has brought intense changes into our reality matrix. The wisdom of Lemuria, the wisdom of the Cosmic Balanced Divine Feminine energies is ready to return with full speed into our lives. Through the powerful vibration of Voice, Native Flute, Tibetan Bowls, and the Singing Drum, we can create a vortex to journey into, discovering, exploring and aligning to all that is. The opening of the sealed memory codes in our own DNA is one of many gifts this year has brought to us. Our New Reality, the secret of the 5th Dimension is available for all the openhearted seekers we all are. In this afternoon of journeys we will intend for our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies to align to the balancing effect of the 2010 Winter Solstice, the year of Awakening, moving us into 2011 the Year of Power