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'Shamanic Full Moon of the Lion'

'Shamanic Full Moon of the Lion' Friday February 18, 2011 ‘Alchemy of Love’ 238 Beechwood Ave Victoria, BC The Full Moon of February 19th is the Big Winds Moon and is carried by the power of the Mountain Lion. Winds represent change and this event will usher in positive winds of change through the journeying of our intentions. The Full Moon is the reflection of the soul that so longs to shine in the Universe. There are many great changes and upheavals happening in our world at this time. It is imperative to strengthen our walk upon the path of all that is. We can do this together in a group circle setting that magnifies the power of our intentions. Through sharing, dialogue and the gentle music of spirit we can lift ourselves beyond illusion and time. Our Facilitator; Leonard Howell Leonard is at the forefront of today’s Shamanic Frontiers, having over 20 years experience in safely taking thousands through the Shamanic Dream doorway. He is a M├ętis Spiritual teacher and accompl