Talking Stick making Workshop

Saturday April 16th, 2011
10 am – 2 pm

The Facilitator; Leonard Howell

Leonard is a gentle teacher at the forefront of today’s spiritual movement. He is Métis and is able to draw both Native and Celtic wisdom from this unique Ancestry. Having been taught by many Aboriginal Elders and guided by Spirit for over 25 years, he brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to this course. He currently travels throughout North America visiting schools, colleges and universities, sharing the stories and ancient teachings of his Indigenous ancestors.

The Talking Stick
Many First Nations Peoples have used the Talking Stick for centuries as a means of just a fair hearing. The Talking Stick was and is used in council circles to designate who has the right to speak. Once the lead Elder spoke and then passed the stick it would go around the circle with each person having a chance to speak uninterrupted. The speaker would realize that he carries within himself the spark of the Universe and I also sacred therefore if he cannot honor the Talking Stick with his words then he should remain silent so as to not dishonor himself. Finally the Talking Stick would be returned to the Elder for safekeeping. Some folks used the Talking Eagle Feather instead of a Talking Stick. Either way it carries the respect for freedom of speech and power to say what is in ones heart without fear of reprisal. The Stick carries the colors of the directions, feathers, beads, fur and hair that carry great meaning to the Keeper of the Talking Stick.
People responsible for holding any type council meeting are required to make their own Talking Stick. The Talking Stick may be used when they teach children, hold council, make decisions regarding disputes, hold gatherings, have storytelling circles, or conduct a ceremony where more then one person will speak. Each person making a Talking Stick must decide which type of Standing Person (Tree) will assist their needs and add needed medicine to the Councils held.

Join us for this fascinating class where we will build our Talking Sticks in a good and sacred way. All materials provided and we encourage you to bring a small trinket, shell or feather to add to your creation.

April 16th, 2011
10 am – 2 pm
$30 per person
Rainflower Blessings
238 Beechwood Avenue
Victoria, BC

Please RSVP, contact Nazli or 250-385-3743


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