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Shamanic Journey for Peace

What is Peace? Through the centuries Sages, Scholars and Elders have strived to bring peace to their peoples and Nations and yet over all of these centuries we have endlessly endured strife and chaos. So we’ve heard the word peace mentioned so many times in our circles and yet what is peace? Peace is the understanding and embracing of diversity; it is the demonstration of compassion amongst individuals, peoples and Nations. It is ...when people no longer trade lives for justice, or trade happiness of all peoples for the desire of one. It is the silent place within even the most chaotic dilemma. We cannot fight for peace for we must peace for peace. Peace is an achievable reality. And within the Shamanic Journey for Peace you will find that point of reference of what Peace really is. The reason there is so much strife is that the world has lost its’ dream of real peace. There is no longer a reference point to return to for those who have endured such strife. In the Shamanic Journey w

Private Reading Sessions with Teacher/Healer Wisdom Keeper Leonard Howell

Tan si Hi Everyone Dream Shaman Journeys is pleased to announce that Leonard Howell is available for Readings and Healings via Phone 604-846-8696 and via Skype (leonardmhowell) If you wish to book a reading time with Leonard simply Contact Angelaya Rose, Events & Bookings Manager at Dream Shaman Journeys. Leonard is a Metis Wisdom Keeper, teacher, healer and intuitive reader on the forefront of today's spiritual frontiers. He shares his wisdom and the wisdom of the ancestors in Workshops, Classes and various events around North America. As a guest on Victoria's CBC Radio, Vancouver's News for the Soul and Seattle's Contact Radio, he has enlightened the path of so many listeners. Leonard & his wife Angelaya Rose travel to many locations around North America sharing the stories of Spirit on the Red Road. With over 20 years of teaching/healing, shamanic work and reading experience, he can help you with healthy choices for your life directions. Readings are 1/2