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Shamanic Journey of Transformation ~ September 2011

Shamanic Journey of Transformation ~ September 2011 The totem of Transformation is the Butterfly, representing air on the Medicine Wheel; air is the sacred breath of life, the beginning of any transformation. The Butterfly is the symbol of change, joy and color; it is the symbol of the soul. They remind us that life is a dance, and not to take things quite so seriously. They also remind us to get up and move. Dance brings the sweetness of life. The Butterfly teach us that growth and transformation doesn’t have to be traumatic and as we breathe it truly can be as easy as breathing! The Autumn season brings with it transformation, leaves of trees turn colors, flower petals fall to the earth, wheat fields turn golden and fruit trees ripen their beautiful bounty. All of nature prepares itself for the coming winter season. The summer season of journeys have brought us Peace, Grace and Courage and now we receive the gifts of Transformation. In our September journey we will explore the