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Shamanic Journey of Raven Medicine

"Open yourself to miracles, Use new eyes, Believe in magic, Embrace life's wonders." Raven Medicine, Jamie Sams and David Carson Join us for the Shamanic Journey of Raven Medicine! The totem animal on the Medicine Wheel for this time of year is Raven the messenger of magic from the great void where all knowledge waits for us. Raven is also the symbol of changes in consciousness and the shape shifter of perception. Raven is the carrier of healing energy from distances. Those of you who ask for messages of light and healing and prayer have asked for Raven medicine. This medicine brings empathy and deep understanding of where others are at in your life! This journey will assist us in bringing real magic into our lives for peace, healing and understanding! Raven medicine demands that you walk in the light in all affairs of life! This we can be truly grateful for, and share this gratitude with everyone around us! We will explore the world of the Raven, and discover a true