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Shamanic Journey to the Star Gate 11.11.11

Once in a hundred years a gateway opens in the stars, a portal of peace, a safe passage into the next 1000 years. November 11, 2011 is the date in this millennium. We will gather in Ceremony at 11.11.11 and raise our vibration in community. 2011 is the year of illumination and 2012 is the year of Transformation. Many prophecies have pointed to the year of 2012 as a very transformational year. This day will give us the opportunity to stand together for what we see as the transformation of our world to a more sustainable one, free of old dogma and formats that do not serve the people. This will be a full day of events beginning with a morning Ceremony, followed by an afternoon of healing modalities, meditations and movement to open us to the new possibilities. The evening will be a Shamanic Journey event filled with wonder. Meet your guides, totems and create intentions to last a lifetime. Leonard & Angelaya Howell are at the forefront of today’s Shamanic frontiers. Leonard is a