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Crystal Soul Activation & Star Alignment Wednesday November 7, 2012 Astral Connections 7915 120th St. Delta, BC "I Empower in order to Target Commanding Awareness I seal the Input of Flowering With the Overtone tone of Radiance I am guided by the power of Free Will." Join us Wednesday November 7, 2012 for a special event with Leonard Howell Wisdom Keeper and Shamanic Teacher. He will create a circle of healing and alignment using the Star Wisdom keeper Crystal gifted to him this year! Crystals are Mother Earth's gifts to us, formed within Her body, they are living energy, in a way they are the keys to the Universe. Each particular type of crystal or mineral can be seen as a key, and we can use these keys to access specific energies, whether that be for healing, meditation, protection, understanding, as well as a thousand other uses. This activation and star alignment will allow energies to flow easier and assist in healing old wounds. During this powerf