"The Whale is the record keeper for eternity and carries great wisdom."
It had been pouring rain and we were wondering "what are we doing here?" The excitement of meeting a whale was so great it made the feeling of being in this deluge of an Island Rainforest worthwhile! After all we had traveled from the Okanagan Valley to Northern Vancouver Island to fulfill this promise of spirit. When the thunderstorms and driving rain came, the presence of the whales felt much stronger, so I took out my C'hanunpa (sacred pipe) and we shared it in our camper van there on the wharf. I asked my friend and brother Bruce to gently offer the ashes from the pipe ceremony to the Ocean. I then drifted into a trance journey and an old friend Sanaquia the Whale gave us the most beautiful love story. You see the Whale consciousness is that of unity and that all time is in the eternal now. She remembered us from the Ancient Island of Lemuria. I met with my guide and we went into a raindrop where I could see the events of my life evolving from birth. The way my guide explained it, we were going into the raindrop to connect with the Whale Nation, and with their eternal blessings.

Our guide Sanaquia explained to us that each raindrop is a seed or communication interface and that the whales were sending their love through the raindrops.

Come join us to journey to the ancient land of Lemuria and to hear the song of the whale. Do you hear the call?

Thursday January 24, 2013
Amber Light Studio, Maple Ridge, BC more info
Contact: 604.475.3753 $40 per person

Limited seating as most like to lay down for this journey. All seating prepaid


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