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Soul Retrieval Workshop /One Day Intensive March 2, 2013

Soul Retrieval Workshop This weekend Shamanic workshop is designed for those who are interested in experiencing personal transformation and healing. It is also for practitioners who want to learn to perform Shamanic techniques in their professional practice. Our soul is the Light that illuminates our presence our bodies would never have the beauty without the Soul! The Soul has a technique of fragmenting during a traumatic event accident or other life-altering situation. It is a mechanism designed to prote ct the human psyche. This in turn leads to feelings of depression, low energy and disease in the body. The Soul Retrieval is a way to regain this lost light and return it to the fragmented soul, bringing peace and good health. You will learn: How to enter the Shamanic world through guided Journeys, Trance Dance & Shamanic Sound Healing. Develop the basic core shamanic technique of Soul Retrieval to serve the specific needs of the individual and/or situation bei

Whale Dream Story Journey ~ Songs of Lemuria

Wednesday February 6, 2013 ~ 7 pm - 9:30 pm Astral Connections 7915 -120th St. Delta, BC   Whale Dream Story Journey ~ Songs of Lemuria "The Whale is the record keeper for eternity and carries great wisdom." Please join us for this amazing evening experience of the Dream Story Journey to the Whale Nation. Lemuria is thought to be one of the first civilizations of mankind. Thought to be located in the Mid Pacific with far reaching islands. The people of Lemuria were very loving and held the sacredness of tribal life. Many feel they have had a lifetime in this strange and mysterious land long ago. Join us and explore if you once had a life there! Opening held by Leonard Howell who will share a wonderful Whale Dream Story Journey and Native flute songs inspired by Whale energy. Followed by the passing of the prayer conch shell, then enjoy a break Next: relax to channeled messages by the whales on a CD recording. Then partake in a deep meditation lead by Leon