Soul Retrieval Workshop /One Day Intensive March 2, 2013

Soul Retrieval Workshop

This weekend Shamanic workshop is designed for those who are interested in experiencing personal transformation and healing. It is also for practitioners who want to learn to perform Shamanic techniques in their professional practice.
Our soul is the Light that illuminates our presence our bodies would never have the beauty without the Soul! The Soul has a technique of fragmenting during a traumatic event accident or other life-altering situation. It is a mechanism designed to protect the human psyche. This in turn leads to feelings of depression, low energy and disease in the body. The Soul Retrieval is a way to regain this lost light and return it to the fragmented soul, bringing peace and good health.
You will learn:
How to enter the Shamanic world through guided Journeys, Trance Dance & Shamanic Sound Healing. Develop the basic core shamanic technique of Soul Retrieval to serve the specific needs of the individual and/or situation being healed. Use this technique and information to serve in the healing of the client, the community, and/or our planet.
This workshop is suited for professional studies and personal growth. All are welcome, from beginners to practitioners/therapists.

The Facilitator
Leonard Howell is at the forefront of today’s shamanic frontiers. He is an accomplished musician, storyteller and shamanic practitioner with over 25 years experience. Leonard has a successful practice with many clients worldwide. He leads workshops and classes on Shamanism, Past Life Regression, Medicine Wheel teachings, Talking Stick and Sacred bundle making. Leonard travels to many regions bringing a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from his own experience and his ancestors stories. He teaches with a deep love for spirit and a respect for all life.

Level 4 ~ Dreamtime and the Soul
In this module we will explore discover the relevance of dreamtime and the soul. This will be a fascinating course for parents’ as you will learn about soul pathways and the dreamtime, the rainbow bridge and many other dream concepts.

Level 5 ~ Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children
The Star children began to appear on the planet from about 1950-2010, although a few scouts came earlier. Their main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution and reveal to us our inner and higher power. The early Star Children became actors, musicians and poets. Some became mathematicians, scientists and leaders. Breaking new ground in every field. The Indigo children came as scouts to usher in a new age of Crystal children with the Rainbows arriving recently. Find out why they are called Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow. What is their soul calling? Join us for this fascinating class and discover more.

Level 6 ~ Soul and Time Travel ~ Time Shifting
Time does not exist on the higher plane. Everything is occurring at one time. What to our physical or lower self is the future is happening at this moment from the perspective of our higher self, as is everything that has happened in our past, regardless of our incarnation. In this class we will explore and discover the great mysteries of Time Travel and the Soul. How time seems to shift, is it real or an illusion. Join us and find out more. 

Soul Retrieval Part II ~Levels 4,5 & 6 (Completion of course)
A One Day Training Intensive
10 am - 5 pm (NO PETS PLEASE)
Halfmoon Haven Beachfront Resort & Spa
Contact: 604.740.5720 or 604.475.3753 $100 per person


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