July 2017

July 2017
June 23, 2017
Eagle Wisdom News - July 2017

Welcome to our Eagle Wisdom Newsletter. 
This time we honour the Flicker People on the Medicine Wheel. Flicker folks are Cancer in the Zodiac astrological world.  The Flicker people  are born under the Strong Sun Moon. This moon happens around the time of the Summer Solstice which is the 1st moon of Shawnodese the Coyote.  Spirit Keeper of the South. The Coyote is the paradoxical trickster and challenges us to look into the great fire mirror. Frog Clan is a very powerful group of healers representing the element of water. They love the Carnelian Agate and the wild rose. The Flicker is a member of the Woodpecker family and  is a beautiful bird often awakening their world. 

Happy Birthday
My lovely daughter Amanda has her Birthday on July 21. Happy Birthday Amanda and many sweet blessings to you. 

Something New
In this newsletter we offer you the first or a series of beautiful Dream Journeys written by our Students of the Advanced Level 5 and Graduates of the Intermediate Pathways Program. 
This is a beautiful story of Angelaya’s Journey of the Turtle
It is a sunny day on the beach. I am there with my inner child. There is a turtle with us. While looking at the turtle and noticing its’ shell, I went into my heart. Was thinking about the characteristics of the turtle and went into the feelings with those qualities. It always has its’ home everywhere it goes, so I can have the feeling of home with myself always. And of course, the turtle forever has healthy boundaries, so how about my healthy boundaries. There are no walls with the turtle, just an amazing beautiful strong curved protection shell that nothing will penetrate and yet it is fully the turtle.
Feelings were coming up for me from the turtle. What caught my eye were the different areas on its’ back leading me to realizing there are different facets of truth. Like being at home with myself, being true to myself, and having faith. With good protection in place always, I can let go of the walls, let love in and let love flow out with out getting hurt.
I found myself inside the dome of the turtle. It was somewhat dark with subdued green light at the top. Tears were flowing as I received a healing in my heart around my boundaries from my past, letting go of feelings of shame.  ~ Angelaya Rose

Friday Night Workshop Series
We are continuing our  Friday night workshop series. These intensive evenings begin at 7:00 pm and finish at 9:30 pm. The next program is "Creating your Sacred Bundle" featuring leonard. He will walk us through this powerful evening journey. All materials will be provided. Date: Friday June 23, 2017, On July 7 we will gather with the Ancients for an evening of channeled messages with Angelaya Rose, this will be a powerful program not to be missed! 
These evening workshops are every 2 weeks and are $50 per person at our Home in Abbotsford, BC

A New Easy Payment Program
Now you can sign up for any of the programs we offer and pay the tuition in easy instalments example 7 level Pathways is $2940.00 + 5% GST + $3,087 Total, so divided by 36 months = $85.75 per month with no interest! And you can pay it off early if you want! 
Note: If you take the course one lesson per week it takes 49 weeks almost 1 year to complete. 
Interested in the course? Simply email talkingflute@gmail.com with the subject line Summer Pathways. And we can set up an interview time to register you. We have now had nearly 60 people successfully come through the program.

A new Holy Fire Reiki Master
Angelaya has successfully completed her Holy Fire Reiki Masters Program and is booking appointments. These can be live or via long distance. Her work is powerful and many have spoken of the great healing received. For more information contact Angelaya at 604.864.6225

Reflections Books
I currently read at Reflections Books 1111d Austin Ave. Coquitlam, BC every other Saturday. My reading days are Saturdays July 1, 2017, July 15th and July 29th from 12 noon till 5:00 pm. Readings are 30, 45 and 60 minutes @ the price of only $1 per minute + tx. Just a note I often get fully booked either before or on that day so book early to avoid disappointment.

Flute Lessons
I'm also offering private flute lessons at my home for $40 per lesson. It's a lot of fun and I so love the sound of these amazing instruments. There is no need to read music as we use a simple chart system. Easy for beginners and intermediate a like.
Private Reading Parties
We now offer Private Readings Parties in our home. This is a perfect way to celebrate any occasion, or fun friendly get together. For more info contact: angelayarose@gmail.com

 Have a wonderful rest of June and beginning of summer 

For information about Readings, Healing, Programs, Lectures, Music please write to angelayarose@gmail.com


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