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August 2017 SUMMER SALE

Hello Journeyers You may or may not know that we have a very special Summer Reading Special on until August 31, 2017 What you receive for $25 is a 30 minute reading. If you purchase 2 of them you get an extra 30 minute bonus free! So normally a 1/2 hr. Reading is $60 and times 2 that’s $120 + $60 value for the free bonus! The total worth $180 for ONLY $50.00 You are welcome to use your minutes in more than one session, so say you purchase the BUNDLE you could do 2 x 45 minute sessions or 3 x 30 minute reading sessions. Or mix and match a session with Angelaya or Leonard at different times. We will keep track of you time allotted.  Now that is a great special!! This will be the last time this will ever run! We are going to a referral bonus system in the fall this year. You will have 1 year to use up the time from date of purchase. And Angelaya welcomes you to use all or part of your allotted time on a Distant Holy Fire Reiki Session or an Ancient Light Session.  So it’s up to
August 2017 Eagle Wisdom News - August 2017 Welcome to our Summer Edition of Eagle Wisdom News  This time we honour the Sturgeon People on the Medicine Wheel. Sturgeon folks are Leo in the Zodiac astrological world.  The Sturgeon people  are born under the Ripe Berries Moon. This moon happens around the time when all those delicious blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are ripe, which is the Second Moon of Shawnodese,  Spirit Keeper of the South. The Coyote is the paradoxical trickster and challenges us to look into the great fire mirror. These folks, the Sturgeons, are part of the Thunderbird Clan. This clan is a very powerful group of healers representing the element of Fire.  A Portal is Opening - 8:8  This is happening on Tuesday August 8th, 2017. We are doing a special Crystal Grid meditation and activation in our home. We will be glad to include your energy signature in the form of your name by simply emailing us with the heading '8:8 Stargat